• Now, of course the Association provides annual scholarships for the children of members to help with the expenses of high school and college. Education has always been a high priority and the current membership, with its first, second and third generation members, reflects the result of this worthy effort in style.

  • The annual Kerry Golf Tournament has raised thousands of dollars for worthwhile charities.

  • The Kerry Pipers Band, under the leadership of Kevin O’Rourke Moore, accompanies the Kerry contingent of the St. Patrick’s day parade up 5th Avenue every year since 1974 and the pipers and drummers are resplendent in their green jackets, vests, berets and saffron kilts. The Kerry Banner, depicting St. Brendan the Navigator to the front and Thomas Ashe, our noble Kerry patriot on the reverse is one of the most colorful in the parade. The annual Kerry Ball is a major social event on the New York Irish scene and attracts between 800 and 1,000 for an evening enlivened by great food, music dancing and, the hallmark of all Kerry gatherings – laughter.

  • In 2001, the Association purchased a building at 305 Mc Lean Avenue in Yonkers, NY. The Most Reverend William Murphy, the Bishop of Kerry, dedicated the building on October 6th 2001. The activities center with its dance floor/catering hall, bar, kitchen and conference room was dedicated on November 22nd 2003 and is a gathering place for dancing, good times, cultural meetings and affairs for all Kerry people and their friends.

  • We’ve come a long way since that meeting at Academy Hall in 1881 and the dedication and perseverance of the founders are still reflected in that of the current membership. The Kerrymen's Patriotic & Benevolent Association pledges to continue the work started by the founders to help one another and to watch out for all Kerry people here and at home.
By: Mauris Brick & Patrick O’Donnell 

  • The founders unified to battle prejudice and racial hatred. Members who were employed persuaded their employers to hire fellow Kerrymen.  This camaraderie & mutual assistance enabled the Association to thrive. As the Association expanded, so did the benefits.  Members who fell on hard times obtained moral & financial assistance to tide them over. 

  • It is interesting to note that “sick committees” were formed with responsibilities for visiting those of the membership who were ill and reporting to the board of officers the extent, if any, of the need for financial aid. Even in the past ten years, the Association has stepped to the fore on a number of occasions and provided funds for burial of those of Kerry heritage, irrespective of membership in the Kerrymen's. 
  • A social and charitable organization located in Yonkers, New York. 

  • In 1881, a recent Kerry immigrant was asked to appear at the NYC morgue to identify the body of a young man in whose jacket was a piece of paper indicating an address in County Kerry, Ireland.

  • He recognized the young man as a fellow Kerryman and was told that the young man was without funds & would be buried in Potter’s Field.

  • An appeal was published in the New York newspapers over the signatures of six Kerrymen, calling on all those interested to appear on Sunday, March 6th 1881 at the Old Academy Hall on 23rd & 3rd Avenue to raise funds to give the young Irish immigrant a Christian burial. That was the beginning of The Kerrymen's Patriotic & Benevolent Association of New York. 
The Kerrymen's Patriotic and Benevolent Association of New York

  • Be a Kerry descendant
  • Come to a meeting
  • Be interviewed
  • Pay your dues of $40 & an initiation fee of $20.
  • Join

305 McLean Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10705